Matthew Moshe Nolan was born and educated in England. Later he left England for Israel when he was eighteen years old. This experience in the Holy Land changed his outlook on life forever. He then moved to the USA and after years of aimlessly wandering was found by Moshiach when he was in his mid twenties.

Matthew was initially taught and discipled in the scriptures at Calvary Chapel where he served as a youth leader and a college bible teacher. He first began teaching at Calvary Chapel to fill in for the senior pastor and was later appointed to be an elder to run the college and career group along with all the outdoor adventure ministries. It was here that a lot of experience was gained in leadership and discipleship.

A deeper hunger for the scriptures, stripped of religious tradition and paganism drove Matthew into the study of the Torah. At this time he also embarked upon unraveling the Brit Chadasha (New Testament) in its full Hebraic and Torah based context, this took years of meticulous study to remove the leaven from New Testament translations. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek translations were sought. Matthew received his Semichut/ordination after studying through a Two House Netzarim Israelite Yeshiva.

Torah To The Tribes is an independent and unaffiliated synagogue located on the West Coast of the USA and has a worldwide outreach through radio and video broadcasts. Our synagogue family is a very important part of our ministry because it brings brethren together and builds our community. Our hope is to draw families together in a safe healthy environment where scriptural study, worship and community can nourish the body of Moshiach. Join us either in person or through our weekly Torah and Haftarah studies.